Hello. I'm fifteen, a total otaku, anime blogger, and Norwegian. As I stated, this is my anime blog, where I write about anime I like. However, I now only write about older shows, and all my writing on seasonal anime will now only appear on Meganime.org, an anime related blog where I am an editor and writer along with a few other people. I'd really appreciae it if you'd check that out as well! This was originally intended to just be a digital diary of my internet history, but after getting back into blogging and really enjoying it, I decided to make this site exclusively about otaku related stuff. I've gotten into light novels, j-pop and JRPG's, lately, which is why I've expanded from purely anime to a broader theme.

I'll also be publishing monthly chapters for a book I'm working on soon. Read more in the 'books' section for information about that.

I'm also diagnosed with Asperger and Dyscalculia, and I identify as Androgenous. All links to my various social media pages can be foun din the 'contact' section of this website. Just click on the social medi icons and you'l be that social media page will open in another tab.





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