If you’re interested in my scoring system, I’ve written down an explanation here:

i have now have an unorthodox scoring system, which functions as such:

i have two categories, thematic and aesthethic. both of these categories are 1-5, and i base my score on how well i think a show excelled in one of the two categories. i then add the scores together, and get my out of ten score.

for example:

Gunbuster is a 5/5 thematically, and 5/5 aesthethically. therefore it's a 10 out of 10.

fate heaven's feel is a 1/5 thematically, and 5/5 aesthethically, therefore it's a 6/10.

1 and 2 are varying degrees of bad

3 is average

4 and 5 are varying degrees of good

Aesthethic includes:

background art

character designs


voice acting

thematic includes:


character writing

themes, how they're explored and expressed


and a lot more that's unneccesary to mention!

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