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Ouke no Monshou - War, Politics, and Love Triangles in Ancient Egypt

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Ouke no Monshou, or Crest of the Royal Family, is a historical shoujo manga which first began publishing in 1976 in the magazine Princess. It’s drawn and written by Chieko Hosokawa, and despite the fact that it started four decades ago, it’s still publishing to this day. It’s also the third best selling shojo manga of all time, also making it one of the best selling manga overall. Despite this it’s relatively unknown outside of Japan, which is why I’m here to explain why it’s still worth it for you to read it.

The premise is quite simple, a girl named Carol, is studying egyptology in Egypt itself. She is but a teenager, however she is very knowledgeable regarding the subject. One day, an ancient tomb is unearthed, previously untouched for over three thousand years. However, Carol manages to activate an ancient curse which sees her transported back to ancient egypt. While she initially leads life as a slave, her unusual appearance sees her being taken notice of by the Pharaoh himself, Memphis. With a vast amount of knowledge at her disposal, Carol ends up directly affecting the course of History.

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