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Shinkansen Henkei robo shinkalion z - episode 2 - thoughts and analysis

Oppdatert: 19. mai 2021

Usually it’s very easy to write about the first episode, because everything is new. After that, it gets a bit difficult, but Shinkalion Z is continuing to expand upon its themes and develop the dynamic between Shin and Abuto.

First thing we see in the episode is that Shin has to keep it secret from his parents that he’s working at the Ultra Evolution Institute, which makes sense, Hayato had to do the same thing (although his dad worked there while Shin has no one in his family to share it with). We’re probably going to see some work/life stuff later on, I’d assume.

The main thing episode 2 deals with is resolving the conflict between Shin and Abuto, which was established in the previous episode. At first, Abuto is hesitant to work together with Shin, but through getting to know each other, Abuto slowly warms up. This happens through

Abuto telling Shin that if he wants to learn more about aliens he has to catch him (Shin is obsessed with the occult). This shows that while Shin has more overall power, he’s untrained and Abuto has more technique due to his training. Shin falls down while climbing up a tree where Abuto is, Abuto then grabs Shin’s arm to save him from falling and Shin says “gotcha,” however Abuto still refuses to tell Shin more about the aliens that had supposedly been sighted nearby. Their relationship is further explored when Shin is enthusiastic about sharing his lunch, while Abuto is hesitant to eat together with him at first.

Shin and Abuto each have a flaw that needs resolving, however while Abuto resolves his later into the episode, Shin is still very much in need of more learning and training. Shin is unrefined, but also very sincere. In comparison, Abuto is more reserved, when Smatt shares information about him with Shin he becomes annoyed and leaves, showing the difference between their personalities. Abuto also really wants to pilot the Shinkansen, however, he can’t. In the final frame of the opening theme, we see three Shinkalions, with four characters in front, so we likely won’t see Abuto getting to pilot a Shinkansen. Abuto can’t pilot the train but without his support as a mechanic, the train won’t function. He’s still just as useful and important, just in a different way.

Abuto has to send out the Z-Liner for the Shinkalion to combine with, in order for Shin to defeat the monster. However Shin was not only late for the simulation, he was alos asleep during it, so therefore he has no idea how to combine with the Z-liner. Shin then doubts himself, wondering whether his performance might have been a fluke. Abuto responds with the line: “the percentage is never 0!” Further establishing the theme of always trying to achieve your goals no matter what, which was established in the first episode. Then at the end when they manage to defeat this episode’s monster, Abuto gives Shin Smatt, saying that Shin needs him for than himself. This also shows the bond they’ve built up and that they trust each other, which is a nice end to this mini-arc with Shin and Abuto.

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