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Ghost in the shell 95

Finished my rewatch of GitS 95. My rating did not change, it is still a 7/10.

Ghost in the Shell is quite the franchise. It has tons of installments, one of the most popular ones being the movie from 1995 simply titled 'Ghost in the Shell.' Produced by studio Production I.G and directed by Mamoru Oshii, this movie is known as being some of the best anime has to offer in terms of sci-fi. Oshii himself is known as being a masterful director, but just how good is this movie? I decided to rewatch it because I felt like a lot of what the movie tried to convey was lost on me during my inital viewing, and so I wanted to try and understand it better. The question is then, did I manage to do that?

Read the full blog post here: https://www.meganime.org/post/ghost-in-the-shell-95

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