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Goblin Slayer isn't Anywhere Near as bad as some are saying

Oppdatert: 28. mar. 2019

[Originally posted on the r/Anime Subreddit - 09/10/18]

So I recently made a post on this sub asking if I should watch Goblin Slayer or not. And based on the responses I got, I decided to check it out, just so I could form my own opinion. From what people were saying, it sounded ducking horrible. Brutal and relentless gore, rape, this show sounded completely unhinged. But I’m going to be completely honest...

Stop overhyping it. It’s just the first episode, basing your judgment on a twelve episode series entirely on the first one is retarded.

This isn’t nearly as brutal as I expected it to be. And it’s one of the reasons I’m going to continue watching it. I went in expecting to drop it, but this actually seems really good. Interesting world, awesome character designs (especially the priest girl) and good action. The way the Goblin Slayer went about killing the goblins was probably the highlight of the episode for me, as earlier in the episode, we even got to see what happens when you in unprepared or without a strategy. Brutal defeat. And the rape wasn’t even that bad. They ripped the clothes off, there a few disturbing sounds and some tears for like, thirty seconds.

This is the first dark fantasy/gore show I’ve watched (except maybe Attack on Titan, but I don’t really know if that counts), and while I don’t feel inclined to start watching other shows in the genre, I’m definitely going to be continuing this. Keep in mind, this comes from a person who has both Love Live Series and K-On! on their top five all time favorites.

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